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Have you ever wondered why some people love reading books? It’s a hobby and a passion for some people. Reading books not only gives you knowledge about different things but also relaxes your mind and keeps you happy.

If you are looking for some encouragement to read books, then here are some books that can help you.

The Well-Educated Mind

By – Susan Wise Bauer

This book provides a list of books that you must read. The book gives suggestions about books over different genres like fiction, autobiography, drama, poetry, and more. So, you can choose the type of books that you like reading.


By – Anne Fadiman

This book is for those who love reading books. You will relate to this book as it’s about those who love to sit in the library for hours reading books. It is a collection of essays that will tell you about the love affair of the author with books. This book is funny, interesting and worth reading.

How To Read Literature Like A Professor

By – Thomas C. Foster

The book will change the way you read books. The author explains different texts and shows it’s inner meanings. After reading this book, you will be able to read literature comfortably and also understand their actual meanings.

Books: A Memoir

By – Larry McMurtry

This is an extraordinary book that has helped many established writers to sharpen their writing skills. Here the author explains how he turned out to be a book collector from the time he never had a book. You will know how his passion for reading books developed.

The Uncommon Reader

By – Alan Bennett

This book is about a queen who goes to a mobile library near the palace and unwillingly picks up a book to read. After reading that book, she develops a great interest in reading books.

She even forgot about her royal duties and focused more on reading books. The book will also encourage you to become a good reader and develop the hobby of reading books.

These books are very interesting and good for those who don’t read very often. The books will encourage you to read more books and spend some quality time on your own.