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Town of Thessalon


If you are looking for local historical information on Thessalon, Little Rapids or Iron Bridge, our new website, "A Historical Journey; North of Huron" has photos, articles, cemetery records, family history and other documentation pertaining to the settlement and development of our area. It is a fascinating trip into the past.

Thessalon, Ontario

Nathaniel DymentIn 1869, a survey was conducted by Thompson Brothers of Quebec in order to determine the lumber capabilities of the Thessalon area. At that time, it was concluded that Thessalon had the resources required to support a lumber and logging industry. One year later, in the winter of 1870, the first square timbers were cut. This industry later led to the growth and development of Thessalon, which was incorporated in 1892.

Nathaniel Dyment of Barrie is often credited as being the founding father of Thessalon and through the early years six major lumber companies had established themselves in the area. What they produced consisted of pulpwood, veneer, hardboards, and other products. Some of the companies involved in this region included: Thompson Bros., Dyment Bros. Co., McArthur Bros., Thessalon Lumber Co., Bishop Bros. Lumber Co., and J. J. McFadden Lumber Company. When J.J. McFadden's mill was destroyed by fire in 1927, it was not resurrected until 1948 when J.B. Morgan established the Midway Lumber Co., and later Birchland Veneer Ltd. These businesses continue to play an important role in Thessalon's industrial sector.

Thessalon, Main StreetThe Thessalon region first began its lasting settlement circa 1877. At this point in time, logging made for a sustainable lifestyle. Homesteaders settled mainly along the Thessalon River, as it made transportation more accessible. This was an important factor in the growth of agriculture of the outskirts of town.

As the town endorsed the growth of an industrial district, urban characteristics began to show. Beginning in the late 1800's, a woolen mill, box factory, basket factory, and a planning mill were established. During the 1880's, Thessalon even had its own commercial fishing industry.

Thessalon's emphasis on business development is still evident in the modern day community, as Thessalon is considered to have one of the largest business sectors among communities along the North Shore.